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“We envision a world of economic and social justice; a world where individuals, families and communities care for and support themselves and one another. To this end, we provide strength and support to individuals and families in need, in a manner sensitive to Jewish values.”

What if I’m not Jewish?…

We are often asked if we provide services only to Jewish people. Sometimes people wonder if a religious component will be evident when they come for services. The answer to both of these is No.

Jewish Family Services is not only for the Jewish Community. In fact, it is a Jewish value to care for the entire community in which we live, as well as to care for those who share our heritage. With the exception of certain programs that are geared for a Jewish clientele, our services are offered to the greater Edmonton community, and thus our tag line “Help, With Heart, For One and All”.  And we do mean all: any ethnicity or national origin, any religion or no religion, any sexual orientation or identity, any age, any size, any disability (we do our best to accommodate), any socio-economic situation, and any language (we try to find interpreters for those we cannot speak).

Good human service practice responds to the whole person, which includes attending to the person’s spirit when appropriate.  However, good practice also means that professionals respect the belief systems of their clients, and share their own with care and caution.

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Purim Thanks!

Thanks to the good people at Beth Israel synagogue who set up a space for us to collect for the Jewish Food Bank, and to whose who gave generously.  It enables us to help many people with discretion.  And thanks to the volunteers who came out in the snow to help prepare and deliver 132 meals to seniors around the city. The meal was truly appreciated and the hamantaschen were great. We rely on our volunteers and the synagogues that let us use their kitchens. We will neeed volunteers again for Shavuot.

Arttec & Grimco Gift

Our friends at Arttec Advertising Inc. directed a $500 gift to JFS from their supplier Grimco Gives Back 2017 Sweepstakes.  Thank you!

Rhonda Eidelman Honoured

Our long-time Seniors Outreach Worker was fêted at a November 19 event sponsored by the Chabad organization, to celebrate her outstanding commitment to volunteering and community building.

Scholarship Awards

Two Sigma Alpha Mu Scholarships were awarded this year.  Mazal Tov!

Lior Erlich began her bachelor studies at the U of Alberta this fall and hopes to study neuroscience and become a medical doctor.

Romi Levin has entered her 4th year in a Bachelor of Commerce program at the U of Alberta and has her eyes set on a VP marketing position at a company yet to be determined.



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