Welcome to Jewish Family Services

We envision a world of economic and social justice; a world where individuals, families and communities care for and support themselves and one another. To this end, we provide strength and support to individuals and families in need, in a manner sensitive to Jewish values.

Most of our programs are open to the entire community

Please rest assured that the vast majority of our programs are open to the entire community, we do not discriminate on any grounds whatsoever. Religion does not play a part in our services and programs, although we are proud of our Jewish heritage and values.

Quote of the Day

You are enough just as you are.

- Meghan Markle

Client Testimonials

“At my first session with David I was totally at a loss and felt crushed by the stresses effecting me. David was a godsend, providing me with some physical exercises which helped me cope with my emotional stresses. As our sessions continued and I was able to start making progress toward resolutions David’s approach changed and continued to be as effective. I can’t thank him enough for his caring approach, style, and his humanity.”


Stewardship Roundtable

JFSE has recently joined the Stewardship Roundtable, a project organized by Pan-Edmonton Group…

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Teepa Snow’s Dementia Care Workshop

Two of our staff, Alberto Genis and Tatiana Kastner attended Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach® in…

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Dutch Railway Compensation for Holocaust Survivors

The Claims Conference wishes to inform Holocaust survivors and the families or heirs of Holocaust…

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June-July Newsletter

It's here, our newsletter for June and July. See what we've been up to, and what's new! June-July…

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