The Conference on Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) is pleased to announce that, resulting from negotiations with the German government, an agreement was reached on the 80th anniversary of the Kindertransport to provide compensation payments for child survivors of the Kindertransport.

The fund will open on January 1, 2019, and payments to those determined to be eligible will begin in winter 2019.  Those eligible will be entitled to a one-time payment of €2,500.
This fund is open to Jewish Nazi victims who met the following criteria at the time of transport:

  • they were under 21 years of age, unaccompanied by their parents and took part in a transport that was not organized by the German government in order to escape potentially threatening persecution by German forces;
  • they were transported from somewhere within the German Reich or from territories that had been annexed or occupied at the time;
  • the transport took place between November 9, 1938, and September 1, 1939, or was approved by the German authorities after November 9, 1938, but before September 1, 1939.

The application form for the fund will be available to be downloaded by January 1, 2019, here:

Please find a FAQs.