Stewardship Roundtable

JFSE has recently joined the Stewardship Roundtable, a project organized by Pan-Edmonton Group Addressing Social Isolation of Seniors (PEGASIS) aiming to create an effective network of change makers and to help seniors access the resources they need . We are all motivated by a strong desire to find better, sustainable ways of working together to support our seniors as they grow older in their communities.

Jewish Family Services offer programs for seniors that we encourage you to look at, whether for yourself or someone you know and love.
Aging affects each person differently, creating new challenges with mobility, housing, changing family and community relationships, and health. Our compassionate and capable staff can assist with many aspects of this change, ranging from housing issues to monetary and security issues. For more information on the SMART program please email Rhonda ( or visit our site. S.M.A.R.T.

We also offer home support services in areas such as transportation, housekeeping, personal care, and companionship to seniors or those living with a disability. Please call 780-454-1194 and ask for Alberto, or visit our site for more information on these services.

Teepa Snow’s Dementia Care Workshop

Two of our staff, Alberto Genis and Tatiana Kastner attended Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach® in Dementia Care Workshop Series on July 29-30. Today’s Voice for Dementia, Teepa Snow is one of the world’s leading advocates and educators for anyone living with dementia. Teepa’s philosophy is reflective of her education, work experience, medical research, and first hand caregiving experiences. Teepa Snow is an occupational therapist with 40 years of rich and varied clinical and academic experience.

This workshop addressed dementia-related issues from the point of view of the individuals with dementia, family members, and caregiving staff.
It was designed to provide learners strategies and methods of providing help to people with dementia in a variety of ways that work best with the person, as well as developing and maintaining healthy attitudes and behaviors in caregiving relationships. Please see below a video illustrating Teepa’s work with people living with Dementia. We will post a couple more short videos of her in the comments.

If you or a family member/friend are suffering from cognitive issues, and you need consultation or support please contact Rhonda at ( or call 780 -4541194. Jewish Family Services offers home support services, and our staff are trained in working with those living with various cognitive issues, helping with things such as housekeeping, personal care, transportation, and companionship. We also offer the S.M.A.R.T. program for seniors making age related transitions.

Dutch Railway Compensation for Holocaust Survivors

The Claims Conference wishes to inform Holocaust survivors and the families or heirs of Holocaust victims, who were transported to concentration and extermination camps during World War II by Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), the Dutch state railway company, that they may be eligible to receive a lump sum payment from a fund established by NS.

See full information on the Claims Conference website

For complete eligibility guidelines, please visit the Foundation for Individual Allowance for Victims of WWII Transport and NS at

June-July Newsletter

It's here, our newsletter for June and July. See what we've been up to, and what's new!

June-July Newsletter

Honouring Marvin

'I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and clients for the kind wishes and support given to our family as we mourned the loss of my husband Marvin Z’L’.

All the donations given to Jewish Family Services will be put to good use helping Seniors in the community that are in need of companionship, home support and meals. My husband Marvin has been sick for many years and his pain and suffering has finally ended. We will never forget all the good times and holidays our family shared together with him. He always enjoyed a holiday meal and so in his honor I have made a large donation to the JFS holiday meal program to honor his memory and ensure that this program continues bringing kosher meals to the sick and isolated members of the Jewish community. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to carrying on his efforts and spirit in the Jewish community in the years to come.'

-Rhonda Eidelman and family

Friends Campaign 2019

The Friends of JFS 2019 campaign has now been launched, if you didn't get your letter in the mail or wish to view this years letter please click the following link  Friends Campaign letter 2019

JFS Edmonton is delighted to launch its new logo

Edmonton, Alberta— May 1st 2019Today JFS Edmonton is delighted to launch and announce its brand new logo, with thanks to the Graphic Communications Dept. of NAIT and in particular student Stacey Bohackyk. JFS was chosen as one of the student community projects for the NAIT Graphics Communication Program, which is part of the School of Applied Sciences and Technology

“We are extremely pleased to launch our new logo and hope that it becomes synonymous with JFS in Edmonton for years to come,” said Robert J. Mitchell, Executive Director.

Positive Impact

From a total of 40 student designs six were chosen to be presented to JFS Edmonton, these designs were profiled at the organizations AGM in late March and three were chosen to be presented to the Board at their April meeting. Student representations were made to the Board before the final decision was made.

“We were extremely impressed by all the student designs which made the final decision very difficult” said Judi Card, Board President “and we want to thank all of the students for their hard work and wonderful designs and NAIT for such a great community project,”

Product Availability

We will switching all of our online and marketing materials to the new logo today, to view the new logo please visit our website at .

Founded in 1942, Jewish Family Services in Edmonton is best known for its counselling services in particular The Edmonton Healing Centre for Grief and Loss; its other programs include Integrity Counselling, Community Links, Seniors Making Age Related Transitions (SMART) and Holocaust Survivor Support. For more information about JFS Edmonton please visit

For More Information Please Contact

Robert J. Mitchell, Executive Director

Tel. 780 454 1194




Jewish Family Services has been able to offer assistance to Holocaust survivors through the financial support of Claims Conference (The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany) since 2015. Our services include housekeeping, shopping, transportation, cooking, companionship and so much more. In the past, some survivors have applied for these services and were rejected based on their war history, country of birth, financial status or lack of application to the Hardship fund. Many of these rules have changed in the past few years and we are inviting you to re-apply for the program to see if you are now a qualified candidate. You can contact Tatiana Kastner or Rhonda Eidelman at 780-454-1194 to discuss the status of yourself or a suitable relative or friend.

Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany