Edmonton Healing Centre for Grief and Loss

We are here when your life is touched by loss.


Cost for services is on a sliding scale and most groups are offered on a donation basis.

Caring facilitators

Our staff help inspire people to live fully in the present while honouring the past. Our therapists bring many years of experience in helping people understand and accept grief as a natural life experience.

Please be in touch

A phone call is all it takes to get you started. Our staff will be happy to provide you with more details about our services. Please call 780-454-1194 or email reception@jfse.org

When grief comes and you don’t know where to turn…

Sometimes the pain and confusion become too much to handle alone. When you realize you need support, please call us.

The Edmonton Healing Centre for Grief & Loss was formerly known as the Bereavement Centre. Since 2000, it has been our Region’s leading grief support service.

With careful attention and open hearts we serve those touched by loss. We offer individual and family counselling, workshops, presentations and courses for anyone who mourns.

Both our support groups and counselling services are available throughout the year.

How we can help

Understanding the grief journey helps you learn to live with a loss, gain personal confidence and acquire new skills for living well. In structured settings, we are able to:

  • provide useful information to you and others who have experienced loss.
  • help you determine what is important in your grief journey.
  • offer a place to share your feelings and experience with others.
  • create a safe and trusting environment where you can receive and give support.
What to expect

You will find that:

  • your grief is important and unique.
  • you can experience healthy growth throughout your grief journey.
  • there are techniques that give greater meaning to your losses, while bringing peace.
  • power is gained from sharing your experience with others.
  • while a death has ended a life, you can retain and build continuing bonds with those who are no longer here.

Resources and publications are also available through our lending library.

Loss is inevitable…

Whatever your age, gender, religion, colour,creed, or orientation…
We all love and we all grieve, so…
If the pain of loss consumes you…
If you can’t find your way…
Or Someone says “You should be over this by now”…
We are here for you.

Edmonton Healing Centre Client Comments

I really enjoy the fact that I’m not being told how to fix things but to acknowledge and identify what I can do to help.

Thank you for listening and understanding. I enjoyed the way you made me understand that it’s ok to grieve, and to feel the way I do.

I would definitely recommend this program for the guidance provided and the opportunity to be around others in the grieving process.

It helps some to know that other people are the same as you.

It felt very safe to share exactly what I felt and know others are going through similar experiences.

If you like to make an initial enquiry about counselling please fill out the form below.