Integrity CounsellingIntegrity Counseling Services

Our experienced therapists are caring, committed and sensitive to your needs. We offer counselling to anyone who needs it– as individuals, couples, children, families or groups.

Each year, Integrity Counselling helps more than 700 clients access support. The people we help come with many issues. Some have experienced significant trauma, abuse, illness, and suicidal tendencies.

Counselling helps with many things:

* Anxiety & stress

* Relationship difficulties

* Family conflicts

* Self-esteem issues

* Depression

* Abuse, trauma,  & PTSD

* Grief , separation  & loss

* Life & career uncertainty

* Mental health concerns

Every person’s situation is unique and we seek to personally tailor counselling to help meet your needs.

Our Approach Puts You First

Interpersonal problems can be a catalyst to seeking counselling. For others, seeking counselling stems from feelings of alienation and isolation or simply lack of relationships. Our philosophy is that we need to be a trusted source of assistance– a confidential means to success for all those who walk through our doors.

We are part of an organization that offers help with heart; an agency that responds to the individual and multiple needs of our clients as they are.

Within the counselling area, as in other JFS programs, we have a depth of maturity, wealth of experience and the genuine ability of a team ready to intelligently and heartfully relate to all we serve.

With support of our individual donors and funders like United Way, we are able to offer the highest level of clinical counselling service, with the expertise and deep experience backgrounds of our professional staff.

Whatever your needs and wherever you are from, we will offer confidentiality, sensitivity and a caring approach, as we work together to address the issues that prevent you from living your fullest life.

The Costs

Our standard fee is $150 per hour, but we are pleased to be as flexible as necessary so that cost is not an obstacle in receiving the service you need. Your therapist will determine a suitable fee with you at your first appointment.

If you like to make an initial enquiry about counselling please fill out the form below.