Two of our staff, Alberto Genis and Tatiana Kastner attended Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach® in Dementia Care Workshop Series on July 29-30. Today’s Voice for Dementia, Teepa Snow is one of the world’s leading advocates and educators for anyone living with dementia. Teepa’s philosophy is reflective of her education, work experience, medical research, and first hand caregiving experiences. Teepa Snow is an occupational therapist with 40 years of rich and varied clinical and academic experience.

This workshop addressed dementia-related issues from the point of view of the individuals with dementia, family members, and caregiving staff.
It was designed to provide learners strategies and methods of providing help to people with dementia in a variety of ways that work best with the person, as well as developing and maintaining healthy attitudes and behaviors in caregiving relationships. Please see below a video illustrating Teepa’s work with people living with Dementia. We will post a couple more short videos of her in the comments.

If you or a family member/friend are suffering from cognitive issues, and you need consultation or support please contact Rhonda at ( or call 780 -4541194. Jewish Family Services offers home support services, and our staff are trained in working with those living with various cognitive issues, helping with things such as housekeeping, personal care, transportation, and companionship. We also offer the S.M.A.R.T. program for seniors making age related transitions.