Jewish Family Services is participating in the art project called “They didn’t know we were seeds” by  Carol Wylie, an artist from Saskatoon. This project involves doing oil portraits of Holocaust and Residential School Survivors. The series is called “They didn’t know we were seeds”, which completes a proverb that begins “They buried us.” Carol plans to interview, sketch and paint 9 holocaust survivors and 9 residential school survivors, so the final project will have 18 paintings due to the significance of the number 18 as it relates  to “chai”. A few of the Holocaust Survivors, clients of the JFS, have already met with the artist. She is going to finish the series by March 2019 and we plan to organize her exhibition in Edmonton in the fall of 2019. So, please watch our website and Facebook page for future announcements.

Images of the completed works can be viewed at on the “They didn’t know we were seeds” page.