Jann Beeston MA Leadership

Executive Director

Jann completed her Master’s thesis on collaboration for community benefit and completed post-graduate studies in social innovation. She brings extensive experience in non-profit leadership and management, focusing on innovation, change, partnerships, community engagement, and collaboration around a common purpose. Jann’s extensive experience includes working in the post-secondary system with Campus Alberta central as well as serving on the board and in staff positions of many non-profit organizations, such as Volunteer Alberta, Alberta Reads Network, Community Learning Network, Rural Alberta Development Fund, and the Alberta Nonprofit Network Steering Committee. Jann champions equity and inclusion. She
enjoys the outdoors, reading art, dance, and live theatre.

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Linda Robinson
Finance Administrator

Linda has been the Financial Administrator for Jewish Family Services since August 2016. She brings more than 35 years’ experience working with senior-level management in finance, office management, outreach, and administrative support. Linda has always enjoyed working in accounting, and she appreciates doing so for an organization that provides valuable services to the community.
Linda enjoys wheelchair curling, attending powwows, and spending time with her grandchildren.

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Alyona Lanyme
Office Administrator

Alyona joined Jewish Family Services in 2017 as an Office Administrator. She assists JFSE counsellors and office staff with day to day operations. Alyona immigrated to Canada from Kazakhstan in 2016 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. She speaks Russian and English, which is essential for communicating with many JFS clients.

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Machelle Curtis

Administrative Assistant

Machelle joined Jewish Family Services in 2019 as an administrative assistant. She provides assistance to both counselors and office staff with day to day operations. Machelle moved to Alberta in 2015 from Newfoundland and Labrador. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and has
several years of experience in various administrative roles.

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Home Support Services

Alberto Genis
Home Support Manager

Alberto has gathered over 10 years’ experience working with non-profit organizations. In 2011, Alberto began working with Holocaust Survivors at JFSE. As Home Support Manager, Alberto developed program operations for senior Holocaust survivors, providing services in their homes and fulfilling their basic needs.

In his spare time, Alberto travels and spends time with his friends; he also likes outdoor activities and is an avid volunteer.
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Alena Sasnouskaya
Home Support Supervisor

Alena has an Administrative Assistant diploma from Campbell College, Alberta. She has worked for Jewish Family Services since 2012. She has significant experience in working with marginalized and underrepresented populations. 

Alena is passionate about traveling, sports, and art. She speaks English, Russian, and Belarussian.

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Holocaust Survivors Program

Tatiana Kastner MSW RSW
Case Management Supervisor

Tatiana is a Gerontological Social Worker who loves to work on the front lines to help clients with diverse needs. In 2014 Tatiana relocated from Montreal to Edmonton and immediately fell in love with the city. She is happy to work for such a friendly, vibrant, and generous community.

Tatiana holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from McGill University and has significant experience working with immigrants and older adults. At JFSE, Tatiana works for the Holocaust Survivors Support program to facilitate the clients’ access to existing grants, assess their needs, create a service plan, and ensure its implementation while constantly reassessing their situation. Tatiana also volunteers for other programs within our organization, helping with complex situations and counselling.

Tatiana enjoys city hiking and spends many evenings in Whitemud Park. She speaks English,
French, Russian, and Hebrew.
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Outreach Services

Rita Motta Martinez

Outreach Services Intake Worker

Rita was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, and has experience working and volunteering with many demographics in many settings within the city. She holds her Social Work Diploma and is currently completing her Bachelor of Social work at MacEwan University. She began her time at JFSE in September 2018 as a practicum student in the Community Support program, then moved on to work as a Software Program Coordinator in the Holocaust Survivor Program. Rita created and coordinated the Case Management Project, that began on April 1, 2021, and is tailored to JFSE’s diverse needs and existing programs. She is now the Outreach Services Intake Worker. Rita speaks English, Spanish, and conversational French.
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Jeni Adler
Intercultural Facilitator / Community Resource Specialist

Jeni is an immigrant from South Africa who also lived in Israel. Jeni has worked in non-profit for over thirty years, including the Sexual Assault Centre, Canadian Mental Health, and Planned Parenthood.  She has been with JFSE for seventeen years.  Jeni has a special interest in supporting people through their immigration experiences and personal transitions. The loves of her life are her daughter, new son-in-law, Israeli husband and Coba the mutt. Jeni speaks English and basic Hebrew.
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Rhonda Eidelman
Seniors Outreach Worker / Claims Conferen
ce Case Manger 

Rhonda has worked for JFSE since 2003. She has been an active member of the Jewish community since 1981 when she and her husband moved to Edmonton from Toronto via Saskatchewan. The Eidelmans have five children and Rhonda worked as a nurse prior to their birth, returning to work at JFSE when they were teenagers. Under her role, Rhonda helps Holocaust survivors with their daily needs as well as supports seniors adjusting to the changes that occur with aging.
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Edmonton Healing Centre

Tina Kafka MSW RSW

Tina has been a therapist at JFSE for the last 16 years. She was also the clinical and intern supervisor. She completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Human Relations in Organizations, and her Master’s Degree in Social Work, specializing in Mental Health and Children and Families. 

Tina developed and gave seminars for couples throughout the U.S.A, Europe, and Canada. Prior
to JFSE, Tina has worked as Victim’s Advocate to the Court, Children’s Services, Hospice, death
and dying, and leading women outdoors camping expeditions in Maui, Hawaii, and the
Colorado Rockies.

Tina connects with people in kindness, creating a space where being authentic and vulnerable
can lead to finding deeper inner resources, shifting perspective through our lives’ challenges.
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Carolyn Tait MSW RSW
Therapist / Clinical Supervisor

Carolyn has been with JFSE as a therapist since March 2018, and a Clinical Supervisor since 2021. Carolyn has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and completed a Master of Social Work at Michigan State University, with an emphasis on Clinical Social Work and School Social Work.  She spent six years living and working in East Africa and traveling extensively in Africa and Asia. 

Carolyn worked for many years with Community Mental Health in Michigan, focusing on individuals, children, and families. She also worked with Runaway Youth Services and later was with a K-12 school system as a school social worker. Carolyn also worked with Hospice of Central Michigan, supporting families whose loved ones were near death. 

Carolyn integrates trauma-informed practices of mindfulness, self-compassion and body awareness into her work. Because of her training, years of practice, and varied experiences in the world, she has developed a broad set of skills to help people work through many types of difficulties.

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Anna Jongeleen BA MPS AT
Registered Psychotherapist and Art Therapist

“Develop the habit that no matter what arises within you choose to face it with gentleness and compassion” – Anonymous

Anna started at JFSE in 2018. Anna’s approach as a therapist is not only informed by her extensive education, training and professional experience; it is first rooted in her own life experiences and a deep love and care for human beings. Her own healing, personal and professional development are her highest standard of practice as a therapist. She believes that a true master is one who always remains a student themselves. 

Anna has a Masters with honours in Psychotherapy, Spirituality and Art Therapy from St. Stephen’s College University of Alberta, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Enschede in Holland, and is certified in Counselling and Children Counselling from the New York Focusing Psychotherapy Institute. Anna is also trained in Complex Trauma Therapy, Trauma-Informed Art Therapy, Body Psychotherapy, Grief Counselling, and Group Facilitation, Play, and Sandtray Therapy.

Anna has over 20 years of experience as a multicultural therapist in Europe, Israel, and Canada. She has worked with adults, families, youth, and children, focusing on family dynamics, presenting issues, embodiment and spirituality. Anna specializes in complex trauma therapy and has worked extensively with children and women living with traumatic experiences. Her psychotherapy Master’s specializes in Eating Disorders, developing a new treatment model, and has been offering individual and group therapy for Eating Issues. Furthermore, she facilitates Art Therapy for adults, children, and families, to explore and heal deeper levels and to find expression for experiences that are difficult to verbalize. 

Anna speaks English, Hebrew, Dutch and French. 
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David Rolston Registered Provisional Psychologist

David has been at JFSE since his practicum in the fall of 2013. He works with individuals, couples, and families on diverse issues such as anxiety, trauma, and depression. He also facilitates grief groups for the Edmonton Healing Center for Grief and Loss.

David’s background includes training and experience in counselling psychology, trauma therapy, alternative healing, meditation, and engineering. He is also a certified teacher with 20 years of experience instructing at the secondary and post-secondary levels. David has traveled extensively, living abroad for three years in India, Australia, Germany, Japan, Sri Lanka, and the U.S.A. His diverse life experience helps him connect and communicate more effectively with
various clients and issues.

David is currently a Certified Canadian Counsellor (from the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association) with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.

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William Tucker MSW RSW


At the age of 19, William went to Taiwan and China to study the Chinese language and Eastern Philosophy in Taiwan. He ended up living there for 14 years, working as a translator and a teacher of English as a second language. While there, William devoted himself to studying mind-body health practices, particularly the meditative martial arts of Tai Chi and Ba Gua. He has taught these practices for more than 20 years in Britain, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. 

William has been a Victim Services Advocate and is currently the team lead of a program for assisting those who have experienced domestic violence, working mainly with the Chinese community. He is also a facilitator of grief groups at the Edmonton Healing Centre for Grief and Loss. 

William completed his Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work at the University of Calgary, and is a Registered Social Worker with the Alberta College of Social Workers (ACSW). He has experience facilitating group work for trauma and has worked individually with children, youth, and people dealing with anxiety, depression, sexual assault, and addictions. His approach is fundamentally client-centered: the therapeutic relationship is the foundation, and then listening deeply to where the client is at, their strengths, and what change they really want. His background in body-based approaches and mindfulness often inform his work. His diversity of life experience—living for long periods in several different countries—has contributed to his lived-experience of and attunement to diversity of culture, language, belief, and lifestyle.
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