Pearls of Wisdom with Harriet Tinka


If there’s one thing to say about this year, it’s that the challenges we all were forced to face were bubbling over in abundance.  If you’re feeling overdrawn, isolated, anxious, or just sad, consider joining NCJWC - Edmonton Section and JFS Edmonton for a (digital) evening sure to inspire and invigorate you, in equal measure.

A recognizable figure in Edmonton, Harriet Tinka is known for her grit as well as her glamour. In addition to being a CPA and co-author of Pearls of Wisdom, she’s also the founder of EmpoweredMe, whose mission is to, “inspire, educate, empower, value and support all individuals to have a sense of purpose and live to their full potential.”

On December 7th at 7:30 pm join JFS Edmonton therapist Anna Jongeleen for a Zoom-hosted evening of personal enrichment and growth with domestic abuse survivor and entrepreneur, Harriet Tinka.


Pearls of Wisdom with Harriet Tinka. PDF


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