Roads To Healing

“The session, and hearing the personal experience others, gives me new perspective for understanding my own situation. Lots of helpful content in the handout. Thank you for providing a service where people can pause and express their pains. A place for healing. Looking forward to the series!”

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Grief Journey

Navigating the Rivers

“I absolutely can recommend this program. The facilitator guided the group in such a helpful, engaging way. The meditation part of the group was an excellent way to start each session. This program helped me realize things that I was not aware of (at least not overtly) and that will help me move forward in my journey. it feels like a “self care” activity. It really helps to connect with others who understand my pain. Being able to discuss your experiences with other people who are also experiencing loss is invaluable, both in terms of gaining new insight into your feelings, as well as hearing about coping mechanisms that have worked for others.”

Finding Meaning

“I would recommend this program to others. While the first program (Navigating the Rivers of Grief) helps you understand the grief process surrounding the immediate loss, this program (Finding Meaning, Finding Me) takes you much further in figuring out how to personally cope, and allows you the space to focus on how you can re-define yourself after the loss.

 Being able to relate with others in their grief is so valuable. Having a safe, consistent place to meet and the tools provided to help you reflect and share your loved one helps you work through things at your own timing. Having people at different stages enables you to support as well as be supported.”