The Board of Directors of Jewish Family Services Edmonton (JFSE) is very pleased to welcome Danielle Dolgoy to the JFSE team as the new Executive Director, effective February 20, 2024. Danielle has established herself as an integral member of the Edmonton Social Services community and has honed her skills in managing teams, navigating complex situations, and ensuring the organizations she works with has the capacity to support those who are in need. Danielle is a powerful advocate for change and is passionate about making a positive impact in the community. Her support for newcomers and established cultural communities is the foundation of her approach to wellbeing and belonging. She envisions Edmonton as a place where everyone can grow, connect, and thrive.

Danielle grew up in Edmonton and has deep ties to the city and in particular the Jewish community of Edmonton, which gives her a unique perspective on the environment in which JFSE works. We look forward to working with Danielle to ensure Jewish Family Services is ready to face the future, with all the challenges and opportunities before us.

The Board of Directors would like to extend our gratitude and very best wishes to Jann Beeston, as she leaves the role of Executive Director to embark on a well-deserved retirement. Jann’s extensive contributions to JFSE have been integral to the evolution of the organization, particularly through the difficult times of COVID and the recent events of October 7, 2023. Through Jann’s leadership we have a strong foundation to continue to provide the support and community priorities.

JFSE is at a crossroads, and as we empower Danielle and her team to support the community and Jewish Family Services, we know everyone in our organization will continue to deliver the impactful programs and services that mean so much to our clients and their families. We strongly believe that our future lies in a new generation of leadership and ensuring JFSE is in the best position possible to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities in which we serve. There will be a variety of opportunities over the coming months to meet Danielle and welcome her to the team. It is an exciting time at Jewish Family Services Edmonton.

Toby Rabinovitz, Board President