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Grief touches all of us, but we rarely talk about how to be with it and move through it. This course offers guidance to understand more about what you are feeling and experiencing, to help you find your unique way forward, with and through your grief.


Grief isn’t something we can ‘get over’ or ‘go around’; it’s something that we move through, which is why it’s helpful to think of it as a journey.

Throughout the course, we learn to walk alongside the river of our unique experience of grief and loss.

Our river sometimes swells after a heavy rain pour, and then returns to a slow flow. Sometimes it has many curves and currents, and then straightens up, continuing its flow downhill, steady and calm.

 Whatever our river looks and feels like, we can either resist and struggle against it, or we can choose to flow with it… to walk alongside it.

We have a choice, we always do.


The course is broken into four key modules (as well as a welcome and wrap up section) designed to deepen your understanding of the grieving process and to help you acknowledge grief as a journey that is unique to every individual, providing tools and techniques to navigate grief and loss.

In the first week, we look at what grief actually is and then address some common myths and misconceptions about grief and mourning. You’ll learn that grief is unique to every individual, which means that only you can really know and walk your own grief journey.

The second week is all about honouring your needs. When an intense experience of profound loss happens, what we need most is grounding and nurturing self-care. So our focus will be on your wellbeing. You’ll also learn about your rights as a griever and how you can confidently communicate your needs to others. 

The third week is about breaking unhelpful cycles of thinking that are common when we are grieving a loss. It’s easy to slip into negative thinking patterns that then influence our feelings and our behaviours. This module will show you how to break the cycle of negative thinking by noticing, evaluating and reframing unhelpful thoughts.

In our final week, we explore some of the most difficult feelings that can accompany grief: shame, guilt and regret. When we allow ourselves to become consumed by these intense emotions we cannot move forward. But by facing and exploring them, you will learn to let go and forgive. Gratitude can light your way forward.

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The course is designed to take you on an immersive journey through your grief, using different learning techniques to keep you engaged and on your healing path. The tone is positive and hopeful, focusing on the key outcomes of becoming more capable, more resilient and more able to move forward.

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Even though you’ll be working through the course independently, you are not alone. By stepping into this work with us, you join a large community of grief-walkers; each of us navigating our own river of grief, to become more compassionate towards ourselves and each other, our fellow humans here on earth.

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Developed by award-winning learning designers, every element of the course is personalized and interactive, making sure you always feel connected to the important work you are doing. This includes videos, meditations, interactive learning modules, integration activities, journaling and reflections.

Our hope is that this course provides a light in that dark… An opportunity for you to learn to be with your grief in new and different ways. To remain grounded, open and engaged, as you find your unique way forward. 


Enroll now to gain immediate access and begin this nourishing four week journey through your grief.


Grief can make us feel utterly alone and overwhelmed. We’re better together! 

By joining us in this course, we hope you will feel the deep, quiet companionship of the world’s community of grievers, as well as the empathy, warmth and support of the whole team at the Edmonton Healing Centre.

It is our aim that you will find more self compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, as well as an expanded ability to feel and express the kaleidoscope of feelings that often accompany grief.

You will become more aware and conscious of who you are and the gifts you have to give.

The bond with your loved one will likely strengthen, allowing you to feel them with you as you live your life.


As this course is an online, self-directed program, it gives you the freedom to navigate your grief journey in your own time, in your own space and at your own pace.

Each week you will be invited to complete:

All the guided meditations included in this course are free for download for personal use where and whenever you need! They download as MP3 files to your phone or computer. Our participants shared that they deeply appreciated the guided meditations and that using them frequently has helped them tremendously in their grief journey. Enjoy!


This course has been carefully designed to take you on a journey through your grief that is supportive and well paced. It has been intentionally broken into four weeks, to help you navigate your grief in a way that won't feel overwhelming. Please trust the process and know that you can take longer if needed.


As soon as you sign up, you will receive an email welcoming you to the course and inviting you to begin by completing the Welcome section. This will help you to prepare for the journey ahead. From there, you will receive access to the core modules each week via your inbox or by logging into the Ziva portal directly.


By enrolling in this course, you will receive 12 months access to all course elements. This means you can return as many times as you like over the 12 months, to call on the content, information and tools when you need a little extra support. We'll send a reminder when your 12 months is about to expire.

As we walk alongside the river of grief, we can learn to be more grounded, more confident, and more in flow with the water. As our grief moves through us, it has the power to heal and transform us; growing deeper roots to weather the storms of life.


Enroll now to gain immediate access and begin this nourishing four week journey through your grief.


This course has been developed by three of our most experienced facilitators and counselors, each with degrees in counseling and social work. Together they have spent many months writing, developing, and testing the course to ensure the highest professional quality. 

Anna’s approach as a therapist and facilitator is not only informed by her extensive education, training and professional experience; it is rooted in her own life experiences and a deep love and care for human beings. She believes that a true master is one who remains a lifelong student.

“Grief invites us to dig deep into our roots. To accept death, loss and uncertainty. We will return changed, grown and with a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude for life and its gifts”.




Following a rewarding career as an independent organizational development consultant in Australia, life led Libby to Canada where she completed a Masters in Psychotherapy and Spirituality. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Libby now works with individuals and groups facing or navigating loss, death, bereavement, transition and/or transformation.

“When tended to and accepted, grief generates growth.”




Carolyn landed in Canada from the US, after years of immersion in other world cultures. Working with a hospice organization led Carolyn to being with people as they grieved the loss of loved ones. She brings presence and compassion into her work with grief, and warmly invites each individual’s full experience.


“With grief, the healing is held within the pain of loss.”




“When we accompany you on your journey, we are with you from a place of deep connection, empathy and personal understanding, as well as our professional experience.”



Grief is an inevitable aspect of life that we all face at some time. We grieve because we love, and as such, grief is love.

Your grief is an invitation to expand your awareness, care and compassion for yourself and others.

You already have everything you need to navigate your own unique river of grief. We are simply here to help remind you of your innate strength and wisdom… to help you to unlock the door that opens love, forgiveness and gratitude.

Grief is here to show you how valuable life is, how precious your connections are and how much you still have to give and receive. 


Allow us to reveal the gifts of grief and help you unlock the strength you already hold within.




I have learned that where I am at in my grief journey is normal and okay, and grieving is a process that can happen at any pace. There is no ‘wrong’ way for me to feel my grief, and I no longer need to feel ashamed.


This course has done wonders for me. I now experience less anxiety, fear, and pain. I have started to talk to my children about my grief, and tell them who their grandparents were. We talk often about my brother and the good times we had. The knowledge I have received has made my mind clearer, my life in general way more relaxed. I’ve come a long way in healing and I’m finally starting to feel free!


I can absolutely recommend this course. It is facilitated in such a helpful, engaging way. The meditations are an excellent way to start each session. This program helped me realize things that I was not aware of (at least not overtly), that will help me move forward in my journey. It feels like a ‘self care’ activity.



The course is structured as a four week journey. You will receive immediate access to the Welcome section when you sign up, you will then receive access to Week 1 12-24 hours later, and all subsequent modules will be unlocked/sent to you weekly.

Although the course is structured as a four week journey, everyone is different and you may find that you need more time for each week. You can take as long as you like, remembering you have 12 months access to all course elements from the time you sign up.

This course is self-directed, meaning there are no live calls or community elements. All videos are pre-recorded and other course elements are automated. This allows you to navigate your own unique grief journey in your own time, in your own space and at your own pace. 

We will support you in any way we can. At any point, you are welcome to email us at info@jfse.org and we will answer your questions about the course and/or your personal grief journey. Depending on your location, we may or may not be able to offer you individual counselling and we may redirect you to local resources available to you. 

Before signing up for the course, please review the section on this page entitled ‘This course is/isn’t right for you if…’ Being a fully online, self-directed course, it won’t be the right fit for everyone and it’s up to you to decide if it’s what you need in this moment. No refunds will be offered for change of mind, so please make sure you are ready and willing to do the work of grief in this way.


Enroll now to gain immediate access and begin this nourishing four week journey through your grief.

“It can be scary to fully face your grief. You may feel daunted, unsure of how to move forward or terrified thinking there’s no end in sight. This course will have you feeling held, guided and encouraged through your grief journey.”