This Passover has left many new memories to be planted in our minds:
“Seders will never be the same, whether looking for the afikoman, or who will get stuck at the kids table to read the 4 questions are gone?
The number of people to share these nights and not being able to ask why is this night different from all other nights?
There is no difference when you are home alone.”

Here at JFS and on behalf of the Claims Conference Program we were able to brighten up the Passover of many members of the community. Gift bags and meals were delivered to help seniors experience a traditional holiday. With the help of many groups including NCJW, Na’amat, Beth Israel, Pushka Fund, Claims Conference, along with personal donations, we enriched the holiday for many.
JFSE is grateful for your support and contributions that help us serve community and we look forward to a future of continued support so that together we can make a difference for those in need.

Rhonda Eidelman BScN BA
Seniors Outreach Worker