2SLGBTQ+ Support Group

Group info

Our queer support group is an online support group open to all individuals, Jewish or non-Jewish, who are 18+ and identify as 2SLGBTQ+ within Alberta. Please join us for conversation, guest speakers, activities, and more! We also hold in-person events with the group and attend events held by other queer-friendly organizations. The group facilitators are queer and well-versed in queer issues, life, and resources. 

The group is held on Zoom on Tuesdays from 5:30pm – 6:30pm on a drop-in basis, there is no commitment required to register. Please note that this support group is NOT a therapy group or process. 

To register, please fill out this Google form. The Zoom link will be sent after completing this form and returning the signed consent form.

Judaism and Queerness

Please see the writing by Jewish individuals that speak to and uphold the relationship between Judaism and Queerness. Although this group and all of our services are secular and open to all, JFSE upholds, respects, and was founded on Jewish values,

The following  D’Var Torah based on a poem called Twilight People – an ode to Transgender Jewish individuals, was written and shared by one of the Jewish Federation’s 2022 Summer students. This D’Var Torah addresses and explores the beauty in the in-between that is queerness. 


The article linked below is written by a Transgender Rabbi, Elliot Kukla (he/they), from the United States informs about the range of genders recognized in Judaism and shares their passion and agenda in their work. 


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