Dear Friends of Jewish Family Services,

It is that time of year where we reach out to you, requesting your support for our annual fundraising campaign.

We hope that you and your families are well and healthy during this challenging time.  We at JFSE are well aware of the impact these unusual times are having on many people in our community, with compounded stress and uncertainty on many levels.

Through this past year JFSE has been hard at work providing supports and services to the Edmonton Community.  We have continued full-steam ahead with our existing programs, including Counselling, Community Outreach and English classes, Senior Support and Home Support, with many positive results and impacts for people in our community.  

Along with this long-standing breadth of services, we have added a new tier of support with our Intake and Case Manager positions.  Case Management provides assistance for people as they navigate the system, to help them to access the resources that they most need.  These liaisons role can significantly help people move through any barriers to service that they may encounter.  We are very pleased with the positive impact this new model has already had for our clients.  

We at JFSE are excited about the many positive ways we are impacting and supporting our community and look forward to continuing to explore and develop new ways to meet the changing needs in Edmonton.  

We are facing imminent funding cuts as a result of the pandemic, and we need your donations more than ever. Your support helps us continue to be responsive and proactive leaders in caring for the people who reach out to us in need.  All of your contributions help us to put compassion into action!