About JFS Edmonton

At JFS Edmonton, we provide Home Support, Counselling, Community, Newcomer, and Seniors support to the whole community, regardless of race or creed. We are LGBTQ+ friendly; not only are our services diverse, but our clientele and employees are too. Most of our services are available on a sliding scale fee schedule, which means the amount you pay for our services is aligned with your family size and income. 



JFS Edmonton was established by our local Jewish community, and spearheaded by Clara Mintz (may her memory be a blessing), a social worker and social activist. 

We are a not for profit organization that has been serving the community since the 1950s. Our ethos is based upon the Hebrew saying, Tikun Olam, which translates to Heal the World. We believe that there is unnecessary suffering in the world, and that we must act as a soft place to land, for anyone in need.