Grief and Loss Support Groups

Our support groups are open to all and any individuals bereaved by the loss of a loved one.

We welcome participants from all backgrounds; with or without spiritual or religious beliefs. Our groups do not include faith-based content. The group space is one of openness and acceptance where all are invited and included.

If you are interested in one of our support groups, please contact our Group Supervisor, Anna Jongeleen, by phone at 780-454-1194 Ext. 233 or email at We will get back to you within two business days.

Online Grief Support Course

Interactive Online Course:

Navigating the Rivers of Grief – A four-week journey through your grief as you learn to ride the waves, stay grounded as they pass, and find your unique way forward.

Four-week modules for $49 USD

To learn more and enroll, click here

Roads to Healing

Two-hour introductory meeting

Roads to Healing is a stand-alone presentation for organizations, corporations and groups, and can be tailored to specific needs and interests.

This single session workshop explores common experiences and aspects of grief, as well as some hidden and misunderstood facets of what happens when we are grieving.

Participants learn basic tools for self-care; how best to support yourself through this deeply painful time.

We welcome enquiries from memorial centers, educational institutes, seniors centers, health practitioners, caregivers and other services working with the bereaved.

To book a Roads to Healing session for your group or organization, simply contact our Program Manager, Sarah Karesa, by phone at (780) 454-1194 ext. 240 or email at

Level I: Navigating the Rivers of Grief

Eight-session series

Navigating the Rivers of Grief consists of eight, two-hour sessions run over consecutive weeks. This series is facilitated by one of our grief specialists. Participants receive support, self-care tools and a better understanding of their grief journey.

In Navigating the Rivers of Grief, participants explore their grief experience through sharing, activities and mindfulness practices. This is a closed group where participants commit to attending all sessions as this greatly supports group cohesion and individual process. 

A participant workbook is provided. Topics explored include: self-compassion in the midst of grief; working with guilt, anger and other difficult emotions; remembering and mourning; sharing grief stories; exploring new thinking pathways; and ways to nourish the continuing bond with our loved one. 

The group offers a safe, supportive space where participants are able to investigate and deal with the overwhelming feelings that often accompany loss.

Navigating the Rivers of Grief is offered on a donation basis with a minimum donation of $10 required (to cover material costs). An average donation is $35 per session ($280 total) but may be more or less according to financial circumstances.

Level II: Finding Meaning, Finding Me

Seven-session series

Finding Meaning, Finding Me (Level II), is a continuation of Navigating the Rivers of Grief (Level I). It is a seven-session series, facilitated by one of our grief specialists, and which more deeply explores your unfolding individual journey through grief, including finding meaning in the loss and a new sense of who and what you are without your loved one.

Group members are invited and supported to find your own individual meaning and new sense of purpose. This course invites exploration and focuses on re-finding balance and connection with our mind, body, emotions, and spiritual aspects so that we can feel more whole again. Together we will explore where you are at in your grief journey and how to nurture the bond with the loved one who passed as well as any unresolved issues that may in the way of healing. Sharing, caring and connection are the core elements of this group.

This series does not come with a workbook, as each person’s journey is unique. However, relevant handouts are provided throughout.

The fee for the entire series is $245. Where there is difficulty in managing our fee, we can offer our groups on a sliding scale, which means that the amount you pay is aligned with your annual income and family size.

Level III: Moving Forward; Turning Loss into a Gift.

Seven-session series

Moving Forward; Turning Loss into a Gift (Level III) is a further continuation of the Finding Meaning Finding Me (Level II) series.

This course is about turning loss into a gift. Loss becomes a gift when we give our newly found meaning to others and to the world, but firstly to ourselves.

This program is a deep-dive into the transformation and growth that is possible when we discover and integrate the gifts revealed by the experience of profound loss.

The fee for the entire series is $245. Where there is difficulty in managing our fee, we can offer our groups on a sliding scale, which means that the amount you pay is aligned with your annual income and family size.

Monthly Online Drop-In Grief Support Group

Our monthly online drop-in grief support group is offered to those who have completed our Level I: Navigating the Rivers of Grief series. 

Groups are held from 6.30-8.30 pm, on the third Thursday of every month throughout fall, winter and spring.  Please check the  Group Calendar for upcoming dates.

All groups are facilitated by a trained professional from our team. There is a different theme and activity each month to support you in your continuing grief journey. 

The fee for the drop-in meeting is a suggested donation of $35 per session. If that fee is challenging for you, we welcome you to pay what you are able. We don’t want payment to be a barrier to getting the support you want and need.

Pre-registration is required for each drop in session.