Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of Counselling services do you offer?

Don’t Suffer Unnecessarily: We offer therapy to individuals, couples and families to help sort out the challenges that life can bring.  This can be major life changes, relationship struggles, grief and loss, anxiety, depression and  suicidal thoughts.  Sometimes historical trauma or abuse gets triggered under stress, making it more difficult to navigate.

What Counselling services do you have available for Grief and Loss?

We are here when your life is touched by loss. Our team are trained as caring facilitators who help inspire people to live fully in the present while honoring the past. We work to help people understand and accept grief as a natural life experience.

Cost for services is on a sliding scale and most groups are offered on a donation basis. To learn more, click here.

Do I have to be Jewish to receive counselling at JFS Edmonton?

Absolutely not! While we do have a few programs that cater directly to the local Jewish population, we welcome everyone, regardless of race or creed. We are LGBTQ+ friendly; not only are our services diverse, but our clientele and employees are too. 

How much do your Counselling services cost?

Most insurances are able to be billed for our counselling services. Where there is difficulty in managing our fee, we can offer Counselling services on a sliding scale, which means that the amount you pay is aligned with your annual income and family size.

If you like to make an initial enquiry about counselling please fill out the form below.