The Edmonton community continues to grow and change around us. While change creates many opportunities for personal growth and enrichment, it also presents many unique challenges for community members.

Jewish Family Services helps you meet those challenges and, like the sturdy shoulder of a friend, we brace Edmonton community members during times of adversity, guiding them through their troubles with compassion and commitment.

We offer a number of programs and services to assist you. If we don’t have a program that suits your needs, we will try to find the right program with another agency. Our most important goal is helping you find what you need.

Edmonton Healing Centre for Grief and Loss

This is a program that assists people to deal with loss. The primary focus is to build skills that enable people to find meaning in their loss, improve their level of personal functioning, and become resilient to future loss. We offer small group sessions, presentations, and supportive counselling for bereaved individuals and those who serve and support them.

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Integrity Counseling Services

Trained Clinical Counsellors help people to address deep-seated emotional and psychological issues. Counselling is provided for as long as the client needs it and is being helped; with a sliding fee scale that makes the service available regardless of means.

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Community Links Program

We offer a way-finding and support service geared to people who are not sure where in the community to find the help they need. This includes both newcomers to Canada or to Edmonton, as well as established individuals with complex situations.

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Seniors Making Age Related Transitions (SMART)

Our Outreach Worker assists Jewish seniors with issues such as a transition to a new home, staying active, staying connected with the community, understanding and managing health and medication concerns, communicating with care professionals, and mediating the involvement of concerned family members.

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Holocaust Survivor Support Program

Light housekeeping, home care, food assistance and emergency assistance on an income tested basis specifically for surviving Jewish victims of Nazi aggression during World War II. Assistance is provided with funds from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (commonly referred to as the “Claims Conference”).

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