Financial Resources in Edmonton

You can apply for the Emergency Needs Allowance if:
1. You are a current Income Support client
2. You are an Albertan earning an income, but you do not have enough money to cover this one-time, short-term emergency that will last no longer than a month you meet the Income Support program eligibility requirements financial assistance

Alberta Supports Centres are centres that help you access financial assistance and other forms of government supports. You can find their forms online or go to one of their centres (link with locations and address below).
Online form access:
Locations: alberta supports edmonton locations
Phone: (780) 644-9992

Through a partnership with the Government of Alberta, this program provides Adult and Youth monthly passes to eligible Edmontonians at a subsidized rate.

This program provides a last resort and one-time-only financial support and/or an interest-free loan to cover rent & utilities. They also offer financial case management services to provide financial coaching, negotiate with landlords, apply for grants or benefits, and to create a sustainable plan for the future.

To apply for this program, you can fill out the application form online or call them at 780-423-2285 ext.122 and schedule an appointment to discuss eligibility.

Phone number: 780-423-2285 ext.122

The Benefits Finder is a tool that can help you find governmental benefits and services that you may be eligible to receive.

The Good Neighbour fund is a last resource financial service. To receive their financial support, they will ask for proof of income, current funds, and depleted resources.

Address: 12122 68 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 1R1
Phone: (780) 486-9215

The Edmonton Jewish Federation helps ensure that nobody in the Jewish community is denied Jewish experiences due to financial difficulty. JFED provides a loan to Jewish community members:

  1. Loans categories include microloans ($100 – $500), Emergency Loans up to $1,000 for immediate needs such as food, clothing or shelter, and loans up to a maximum of $5,000.
  2.  The applicant must have two Jewish guarantors to be approved.

To apply:

This program provides some food, clothing, and financial assistance
to residents of Millwoods ONLY.

Phone: 780-462-8444

Please click here  to download the list of financial resources.